• Wat Huay Mongkon  The giant figure of Luang Pu Thuat looms above the tree line long before the car approaches the temple complex, a huge granite figure that can truly be called awesome.

                   Thousands of Thais flock here at weekends to pay homage to this revered monk, Luang Pu Thuat, and to pray at the pavilion dedicated to the spirits of the teak tree. Wat Huay Mongkon was home to the monk who was famed for his "miracles" and it houses the largest statue of Luang Pu Thuat in Thailand.

                    A whole day can be spent in this park-like setting, part exquisite gardens and part sacred temples just outside the resort town of Hua Hin. Waterfalls, streams, bridges, and small pavilions dot the area, local people sit absorbed in the peaceful surroundings or contentedly munch on the packed lunches they bring with them. What to See at Wat Huay Mongkon Temple

                    Off to the right hand side is a pavilion dedicated to the spirits of the woods and the trees - especially those of the teak tree. Three large statues dominate the area, behind which lies an enormous fallen teak tree, said to possess magical powers. Each statue represents different spirits and each possesses its own special magic. Supplicants kneel in front of the figures, joined hands, holding incense sticks, devoutly in front, petitioning for good luck or a special favour.

                    This pavilion is very colourful, the statues arrayed in a variety of clothes bought for them by those whose requests have been granted. Along the back of the pavilion hang dresses in vivid colours of pink, blue, green, and yellow, all shot with gold thread, to be purchased on receipt of the favour. Orange robes for monks can also be bought here. Giant Statue of Luang Pu Thuat
    The gigantic figure of the miracle making monk sits at the top of a flight of steps just a short way away from here. It is a steep walk in the heat of the afternoon so it is recommended that visitors who want to ascend should.  More (credit :

  • The Majestic Creek Country Club Playing golf in a relaxed atmosphere. Was designed by architect Thailand. By design, the orientation close to the valley. Need to strengthen the skills to play for golfers with 27 holes and have fun in every challenge. Make a round hole is not boring. A coconut And flanked by palm trees planted along the fairway. More (credit :
  • Sirinath Rajini Located at The mouth of Pranburi A.Pranburi, Where is the center of knowledge about ecology of mangrove forest. Even it is the information center, there is the Mimetic place for prawn, crab and seashell for people who want to learning how it growing. More (credit : Sirinart Center)
  • Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park Organized a national park of the coast. Combination of the first island in the sea of Thailand. A limestone landscape through erosion for a long time has caused several large size caves in the area. Tham Phraya Nakhon Cave and Tham Kaew and Tham Sai of whom were wonderful, especially the Tham Phraya Nakhon. Talu cave ceiling vent with a large Leave a beam shines down to the throne hall booths. The throne of a magnificently built during the reign of the fifth in a field east basket Kat. Contact with beach sand to mud to take the coast. This diversity of the terrain itself. The Department determines the diversity of life That is ground limestone mountains, a rare source of ground such as Chan Pha Po, Kao Plong, Kao Salat Dai also a resident of the chamois the animals to near extinction Thailand. The flood detention basin in the western plains called Thung Sam Roi Yod. A source of fish and water plants as waterfowl habitat of more than 316 species. More (credit :
  • Wat Kao Dang Ply to the port and two side klong kao dang as mangroves represent fertility and still maintain the lifestyle of the community. Located in Kao Sam Roi Yod National Park. Located about 1.5 km from National Park Visitor's activities include cruise by renting a boat from his house red Ship to barge in front of Wat Kao Daeng cruise along the canal takes about 3-4 km away - to about one hour. During canal cruise to see the mangrove landscape view of birds And the crocodiles are seen climbing up, Dusky Leaf Monkey and the fishing community living homes to the estuary of Thailand. More (credit :
  • Kuiburi National Park District Prachuap attractions see wildlife Waterfall Elephant herd visit, Bull herd in the project area Royal King. The distance from the area to 17 km of the recommended activities is to check dams moisture to reduce elephant down to eat pineapples because month January - February Water can cause dry catchment so we can water storage up to May 1st, So Kuiburi is considered a wild elephant herd, and Bull most of the country.

    Building check dams or dam Meo to forests and wildlife. From the park office about 10 minutes on foot to about 500. M. through mixed forest Variety of plants. Materials used to. Parties will make use bamboo or natural stone. Which currently has more than 300 dam And will be adding many more.

    You can contact one of the park by Members meet to join your force unity 30-50. For elephant conservation and reforestation projects. Area of forest reserves. Kuiburi National Forest due to the initiative. Operates in the royal address since early 2541, with activities in conservation and restoration of natural resources. Include reforestation planting. Creating integrated upstream dam. Creating semi-permanent dam upstream. Pong making artificial A line of fire.
    And in promoting career development. Includes creation of farm ponds. Promotion and vetiver. Promotions do And used as compost to build bonds of purpose in society. Promote ideology "The land give you, you must return this land to the Bureau also Caring nature and forest as well as to meet the royal forest elephant conservation projects as well.
    Tourism is one activity. To help our nation. Helping our national economy improved. And create harmony. Tourism activities together with a good relationship is occurring. And good relationships.  From here. Will cause the love And harmony, which is crucial to the nation at this time. More (credit :

  • Ao Manao Is one of the most beautiful bays in Thailand. Ao means bay and Manao means lime. Both ends of the bay has a hill, Lom Muak hill to the north and Klongwahn hill to the south, so the bay is well protected from storms. In addition, there are a few islands off the shore where you can see rich marine life and swallow caves. The unique shape of Lom Muak hill and the semi-circular shape of the bay, makes Ao Manao exceptionally scenic. It features fine white sand, shallow water and gentle currents - making it the perfect get away for the whole family.
                    Ao Manao is not only known for its natural beauty, it's also a historical site from WWII. It's one of the locations along the Thai Gulf the Japanese invaded. They planned to use Thailand as a base when attacking the British in Burma and Malaysia. The invasion took place in the early morning of December 8th, 1941. The fight only lasted for a bit over a day and ended soon after Wing 5 commander, M. L. Pravasd Chumsai, received a direct order from the prime minister, Field Marshal Phibunsongkhram, to stop resisting. The scene of the fight was engraved on a gigantic green granite rock near the World War II museum, which is located near Lom Muak hill. It's open every weekend and public holidays. The road inside the air force base was named Chumsai in honor of the commander.
    Every year on December 8th, there is a memorial service for those who lost their lives in the battle. To commemorate the event, Wing 5 also arranges a big fair called Weerakhamfair that runs for several days. There are a lot of activities throughout that period : Thai outdoor sports competitions (including Takraw, cock fighting, climbing Lom Muak hill, petanque and children's football), open-air movies, live music, exhibitions from various government offices as well as inexpensive goods and OTOP local products sale. If your legs get tired from all the walking at the fair, take a rest and order some delicious Thai food at the beer garden, where you can watch live entertainment. More (credit :
  • Waghor Aquarium Phrajomklaos’s Science Park at Waghor, created to uphold the honor of King Rama IV. Father of Thai Science. Feel the casual atmosphere and fun to be excited with the knowledge of the technology space and the universe. Experience the amazing underwater world of the colorful beauty of the aquatic variety of both fresh water and saltwater in a new dimension of the aquarium Waghor Enjoy Butterfly cultivars you can enjoy more than 20 species, as well as learn about the system cycle of butterfly’s life More (credit :
  • Dan Sing Khon The Dan Sing Khon border is about 22 km west from Prachuap town. Other than the border post and market on the Thai side, there is not much there. The Burmese side is mountainous forest with what appears to be a small military camp a km or so from the border. Only Thais and Burmese are allowed to cross the border. The market is open daily but Saturday morning is the best day to visit. On weekdays, some of the furniture shops and plant shops are open but there are few customers. On Saturday morning there is a fresh market and many Thai and Burmese traders selling everything from dried fish and vegetables to teak furniture and cheap consumer goods. With so few visible settlements on the Burmese side, it’s a wonder where all the people come from but the market is very busy. There are also many Thais, both from the surrounding area and from Bangkok. As there are many Burmese workers employed in the fishing and construction industry on the Thai side of the border, many of these folks also come to spend some time with their compatriots and purchase Burmese goods. More (credit : chumchonsangsit)
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